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Aesthetic medicine at NOWAMED?

Naturally, YES!

Aesthetic medicine is not about wanting to be perfect, and may not be related to the complete lack of self-acceptance by us. It is a way to bring to the surface our authenticity, and to stress the natural beauty that is present all along.

Any person bestowed with the care for our health and looks is of key importance in every branch of medicine.

How we work at NowaMed?

At every stage of every visit at our Clinic, the Patient is provided with the aid they need, and all of their questions are answered.

The uncompromising quality of our products, the safety and professionalism of the physician are the issues that help us decide in favour of a procedure.

The metamorphosis is the process that starts with the very first meeting, during which a precise medical history is drawn up, ending with a medical examination after the treatment. This is comprehensive Patient care at the Nowamed Clinic.


The booking of a suitable visit is possible on the phone or using the on-line contact form available at the site.


During the first meeting, I will discuss the issues of the treatment in great detail, and I will respond to all questions.


After the procedure, you will receive a full package of advice concerning post-treatment care, and a date will be set for the medical examination.

Treatment even on the same day

After all the details are discussed, it is possible to commence treatment even right after the consultation.

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